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AR and VR: The future of computing platforms

Technology enthusiasts around the world have hailed AR/ VR to be the 4th wave in consumer computing platforms. Previous waves which significantly disrupted the computing platforms were- personal computer, internet and mobile, respectively. Although, each of the previous waves madea huge impact, it is yet to be seen if the 4th wave would make a dent in the tech world, as predicted.
Before diving deep into the analysis, let’s understand the basic difference between AR, VR and mixed reality. VR typically involves a headset and immerses the user in a virtual world. AR, on the other hand, overlays virtual objects as well as information in the real world for the user, the whole experience is augmented and is as discreet as possible. Whereas mixed reality is a subtle mixture of augmented as well as virtual reality. To understand better, VR requires a headset which is connected to a powerful PC, hence the movement is restricted, whereas with AR the user’s movement significantly free.
Shift in t…