Google Allo : It will remember things for you

Since the advent of the smartphone, people across the world have shifted from creating reminders on their laptops or notebooks to these smart devices. Developers across the world have created apps for this sole purpose. But, how many of us actually use these apps for creating reminders?

Google Allo

Enter Google Allo!
Apart from being a messenger application, Google Allo is smart in more ways than one. Yes, that's right. With Google Assistant, the app offers you way more than what other messenger applications can offer you currently on the Google Play Store.

Some of the features of the app include:-

1) One-on-one chatting with Google Assistant (including playing games)
2) Photo editing feature (to add text or doodle to your pic)
3) Shout/ Whisper feature (Allows text to be sent in various sizes depending on the intended voice tone)
4) Reminders: The most crucial aspect of this app has to be setting up reminders.

Allo reminders
As you can see in the pic displayed above, you easily create a reminder on Google Allo by conversing with the Google Assistant. As easy as it can get!

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