Trick to record desktop screen with YouTube

Ever wondered how you can record your desktop screen or even screencast it without any third party software whatsoever? This post talks about a wonderful trick discovered by Digital Inspiration which allows you to record your desktop screen using YouTube!

Follow these simple steps to record your desktop without fuss!

1) Log in to your YouTube account.

2) Click on the Upload button at the upper right corner of the window.

3) Now, select the Events tab in the window.

4) Once you are on the Events page, click on the New Live Event button.

5) On the New Event page, you can change the privacy of the video to either private or unlisted. Give the recording a title as well.

6) Click on the Go Live Now button which will open the Hangouts on Air page.

7) On the top left toolbar of the Hangouts screen select the 2nd icon which is the Screenshare button and select the desktop screen you wish to record.

8) After selecting the screen you want to record, click on the Share button and then click on the Start broadcast button to start the screen recording.

9) Once you are done, click on the Stop broadcast button and you're done! Since the video is Private or Unlisted nobody will be able to view it except you.

10) To access the recorded video, go to the Dashboard or Here you'll find your recorded video with the title you gave initially.

This little trick can help you record your desktop screen without the fuss of any third party apps. Enjoy :)
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