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How to create your own Twitter bot in no time

Have you ever imagined what a Twitter bot can do for you? Well, it can retweet tweets, favourite tweets, reply to comments, send messages to your followers and even follow Twitter users!

Digital Inspiration has provided some simple steps to start up with your very first bot! Go check it out!

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts for maximum productivity

Google Chrome is an amazing browser given the in-built tools it provides. But, certain hidden keyboard shortcuts may just give you that much needed speed boost you've been wishing for all the while! Chrome offers a total of 133 keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity manifold

For the complete list of shortcuts visit :

Google Nest : Connect your home

Google Nest, is a powerful solution and a step ahead in the direction of Internet Of Things by none other than Google. Google's Nest offers products like Thermostat, Indoor camera,Outdoor camera, and Smoke alarm.Google had bought Nest for $3.2 billion to move into the IOT space.

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Microsoft urges users to uninstall Chrome due to battery drain issues

According to Microsoft, Google's Chrome browser is the reason behind laptop battery getting drained quickly. Post the Windows 10 update, Microsoft started using pop-up dialogue boxes to urge users to uninstall Chrome browser. Microsoft ran tests to compare battery life by running various browsers (including Chrome, Opera, Firefox) on the laptops and claimed that Microsoft Edge provided 36 percent more browsing time.

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Google Cardboard - Turn your phone into a virtual reality system

Google Cardboard, the virtual reality platform developed by Google can turn your Android/iPhone into a virtual reality system, at almost no cost. You just require your mobile device (Android/iPhone) and the beautifully designed cardboard head mount available at all major E-commerce websites.
Applications to utilize this feature are available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

For more information visit : Techwire

Video call feature coming in Whatsapp's next major update

Whatsapp, the quintessential chatting application is finally coming up with the video calling feature in its next major update. According to, the feature was reportedly spotted in a beta version of the application. Currently, Whatsapp has more than 1 billion active users per month which is set to grow in the coming days.

For in-depth information visit: AndroidPit

Trick to record desktop screen with YouTube

Ever wondered how you can record your desktop screen or even screencast it without any third party software whatsoever? This post talks about a wonderful trick discovered by Digital Inspiration which allows you to record your desktop screen using YouTube!

Pokemon Go - India review

Pokemon Go has not released in India yet. But, people have already taken out ways to download the .apk file of the game through various sources on the internet. The game has been developed by Niantic Labs, the same company which developed the massively famous augmented reality game - Ingress.

Top 5 features of Android N 'Nougat'

Android N has been named Android Nougat after much debate, discussion and crowd sourcing. The new update brings to plate a host of new features which are set to make Android an even more fluid mobile operating system.

Hence, in this post we've tried to focus on the 5 key features of Android N that make it stand out of the crowd.

Nokia is back in the game with an upcoming Android phone!

All of us have used Nokia phones at some point in our lives, and the downfall of the Number 1. Mobile company left the world in shock. 
Nokia, however, seems to be back, with two Android phones rumored to be releasing this year.

Android instant apps : Use Android apps without downloading them

Android, Google's quintessential mobile operating system is evolving day by day. With the new version of the OS, Google is trying to make things even more user friendly. But, irrespective of the OS updates, Google has worked on a feature which'll take the app experience to a whole new level.

Presenting Android Instant Apps!

Top 5 Smartphones to look out for in 2016

Looking to buy a new smartphone with the best features? Here are top 5 smartphones of 2016 that are worth every penny and deserve to be considered: