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How to access all the passwords typed in Chrome or Android

Google is way smarter than we think it is! From offering mapping solutions to operating systems Google has done it all. But, Google offers certain features which we are unaware of. One of them is providing access to all the passwords we've ever typed in Chrome or Android. Yes, that's true, Google has treasured all your passwords!

Let's take a look at the steps you can follow to get access to all your passwords:-

Top 3 selfie editing apps for Android

Today's generation is hooked to smartphones and "selfie" is the new buzzword in town. Be it a vacation or a random moment, taking selfies has become mainstream and the virality has spread across all age groups.

Let's take a look at the top 3 selfie editing apps for Android:-

How to receive Facebook notifications through Google Chrome

We are forever hooked onto Facebook. Be it our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Facebook is active somewhere in the background. But every now and then we tend to miss out on the Facebook notifications. Though Facebook provides notifications on mobile phones through its application, most people don't have any idea about Chrome notifications.

How to receive Twitter notifications through SMS

We all love Twitter and tweeting has become a habit more than anything else. Also, Twitter alerts/ notifications keep buzzing on our mobile devices every now and then, helping us keep up to date with the latest happenings on the platform. But, lack of an internet connection may just lead you to miss out on the latest buzz.

So, receiving Twitter notifications through SMS may just be the solution!

How to disable Chrome notifications on mobile

Chrome for Android has grown leaps and bounds. Regular updates and cutting edge features have ensured that Chrome remains the number one browser choice for Android users. But given all the positives, there is certainly one feature which users do not really boast about- Chrome notifications.

Chrome notifications are a boon for companies which want to push their offers/ promotions without the user needing the app, but for the user it comes as an intrusion.