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How to receive Facebook notifications through SMS

Today's generation is hooked to Facebook 24x7! Constant notifications for comments, status updates, photographs etc. force you to stay connected to the internet almost all the time. But, there is no guarantee of a regular supply of 3G/2G data no matter how good the service may be. As a result, you may miss out on some action in between!

But Facebook is smart and understands your needs. Hence, it boasts a feature wherein you can receive important notifications via SMS.

How to post simultaneously to Twitter and Facebook

Social networking, be it Twitter or Facebook has become an indispensable way of life for almost all age groups. Tweeting on Twitter and posting messages on Facebook is a routine activity more than anything else. But what bugs most of us is handling Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

Hence, we did some research and finally came to the conclusion that there is a way by which you can post simultaneously to Twitter and Facebook.