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AR and VR: The future of computing platforms

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Google Allo : It will remember things for you

Since the advent of the smartphone, people across the world have shifted from creating reminders on their laptops or notebooks to these smart devices. Developers across the world have created apps for this sole purpose. But, how many of us actually use these apps for creating reminders?

Google lens: The intelligent camera

From being mobile first to being AI first is the vision of Google. With the launch of Google Lens at its I/O 2017 conference, the company has taken a step forward.

Once developed and tested, Google Lens will be added to Google Photos and the popular AI software assistant. Also, it will be released as an app, later this year.

HTC's new squeezable phone: Is it the next big thing?

Talking about innovations in the smartphone space, HTC is coming up with a feature that is set to change things a bit.

DDR5 RAM : The next generation of computing!

The next generation DDR5 RAM will double the computing speeds,currently governed by the DDR4 RAM. This has been claimed by JEDEC, the organization in charge of computer memory standards.

According to JEDEC DDR5 will double the bandwidth and density over the current standard i.e. DDR4 RAM. But, here's the catch, the DDR5 standard will become official next year and would be available for manufacturers from 2020.

For more information on DDR5 RAM visit Ars Technica

How to customize the navigation bar of your Android device

The navigation bar of your android device is the most boring thing ever. It does take up quite a bit of space at the bottom of the screen without giving any option for customization.

So, have you ever wondered how you could customize the navigation bar of your Android device, without rooting it? Here's the hack!

How to create your own Twitter bot in no time

Have you ever imagined what a Twitter bot can do for you? Well, it can retweet tweets, favourite tweets, reply to comments, send messages to your followers and even follow Twitter users!

Digital Inspiration has provided some simple steps to start up with your very first bot! Go check it out!